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Sammy Ofer Stadium – a perfect place for fairs and exhibitions!

Concept fairs or theme exhibitions are business events that require a lot of thought and an endless number of ideas to keep your guests constantly interested and not skip a single display.

Why is Sammy Ofer Stadium an ideal area for a fair or exhibition?
Sammy Ofer Stadium in Haifa offers a natural spread between the indoor and the outdoor concourse that surround the stadium, a natural flow of the crowd, a clean and comfortable area for business people, displays and individuals – all the squares and the various halls will ensure that your stay will be pleasant no matter what crowd, weather, or chosen content.

The stadium’s staff offers all of its experience for a unique and complex production in which every display and every booth contributes to the visibility and the overall message of the exhibition on display, from professional fairs to sales fairs – an event in which all the parts create a whole with a bright and clear message to all the guests pass through its gates!
An experience of a place, an experience of a pastime

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