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Sammy Ofer Stadium – staff workshops and fun days for companies

Sammy Ofer Stadium in Haifa offers companies and organizations that are interested in holding experiential fun days and staff workshops for their staff, a unique location and a combination of content from the world of sports that is transferred to the business worlds.

Why is Sammy Ofer Stadium a special place for holding fun days and staff workshops?

Based on the needs and purpose of the workshop, the dressing rooms and/or viewing boxes will dress up and become in the twinkling of an eye treatment areas, an area for content workshops and dynamic empowerment by choice, rooms for indoor or outdoor group activities with a combination of full and fun hospitality that includes varied meals and a tour of the stadium of your choice.

If you are looking for a day of letting loose and having fun that includes empowering content that also builds team spirit, in a place that takes the staff out of the  “grey” routine into open spaces of grass and one magical stadium – you are welcome to contact us now!

A fun day with unforgettable experiences for teams and companies…

Interested in an event in a different atmosphere?