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Sammy Ofer Stadium – Meeting rooms for rent at Sammy Ofer Stadium

Interested in holding a meeting of the board of directors or a management meeting with many participants?
We will provide you with the ideal solution for holding a meeting outside the walls of your office!

Why is Sammy Ofer Stadium a perfect location for renting meeting rooms?

Staff meetings, workshops in small groups, brainstorming sessions, personal interviews and more – All these options and more are open for you to hold in our special VIP meeting rooms for rent that include: state-of-the-art equipment, screening and sound means in combination with the most advanced technology, hospitality packages for breakfast and/or lunch as well as an option for an annual package that provides your company the option to use renting a meeting room on demand and in the frequency that suits your needs.

Our meeting rooms include a balcony that overlooks the pitch for “time outs” for giving your body a rest, clearing your mind and having informal conversations between the staff.

Interested in an event in a different atmosphere?