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Sammy Ofer Stadium – the ideal location for a company event

Company events are necessarily a complex production that is planned to the very last detail and needs to meet the tastes of a varied audience.

Sammy Ofer Stadium, due to the fact that it is versatile and spacious, provides a perfect match to the content you have dreamed of and not the opposite – a company event for up to tens of thousands of people!

Why is Sammy Ofer Stadium a great place to hold company events?

At an event that takes place here, everyone can enjoy the stadium’s magical corners, keep themselves busy and having fun in mini-activities and varied areas by choice,
dining areas, “street fair” areas, and as for the grand finale top it all off with a concert of an artist on the pitch – all this is as imaginative as your loyal event planner is.

View the impressive Elbit company event in the stadium in summer 2017

Sammy Ofer Stadium in Haifa – plenty of possibilities for a variety of company events that are unforgettable….

Interested in an event in a different atmosphere?