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Sammy Ofer Stadium – a center for conferences and conventions and lectures

The convention and event center at Sammy Ofer Stadium in Haifa is suitable for any conferences and conventions in any form you wish to hold:
a professional convention or an opinion panel, theatre meetings or receptions, one large conference room or division into a few smaller ones based on theme and topic.

Why is Sammy Ofer Stadium an ideal place for producing conferences and conventions?

The large and spacious building of Sammy Ofer Stadium enables supporting any concept you will choose for your conferences and conventions: reception areas, seating halls, halls for displays, indoor and outdoor dining areas, meeting rooms for divisions, an auditorium for lectures or an arrangement of theatre seating –
all under one stadium roof, anything is possible in one event and/or conference and convention!

The conference halls are suitable for accommodating between 50 -1,000 people in a strategic and accessible location, from north to south, enable the guests to arrive here conveniently and easily using most means of public transportation: train, bus or private transportation using the parking lots right next to the stadium that are available to the guests.
For guests coming from abroad there are wide and varied lodging options in the area of the Haifa coastline or on Mount Carmel.

We have at our service a variety of conference halls, all you have to do is choose.

Interested in an event in a different atmosphere?