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In Sammy Ofer Stadium you have at your service 30 Sky boxes that are located on the 5th floor overlooking the pitch in all its glory. Each one of this kind of viewing boxes can accommodate between 10-30 guests and has an abundance of pampering accessories and state-of-the-art equipmentdesigner sofas, a kitchenette filled with everything you could wish for and of course a perfect viewing angle of the pitch – a perfect experience for watching a football match with your customers, VIP employees and all of your friends.

In addition, in these Sky boxes you can also hold divisions of work in meetings with large numbers of participants, meetings with a limited number of people, or alternatively, you can designate them for private studies.
Entrance to all these 30 rooms is via a large lobby which can be turned into a meeting point for all the participants and assemble everyone together in this lobby.


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